About me

Hi, I’m Danina.


SO, what’s a Futurist Psychic?

A Futurist Psychic is a psychic that specialises in seeing the future working with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and family that have passed to really help you to see what is coming. To give hope for the future and to be ready for what is going to happen. To make your life better, happier and more fulfilled.


I have been officially a professional psychic for over forty years. Unofficially I have been reading since I was three. I was born this way.

My late father was a Romany Gypsy in England and we came out to Australia in 1969.


I have always “seen” Spirit and auras and as a child I thought everyone did.


How wrong I was. In my early 20’s I met a family of Romanys visiting from England during my time as a journalist. The matriarch of that family took me under her wing and taught me many things – how to open up and close off at will (which was fantastic as I was open all the time), how to respect the gift I had. Lessons I am so grateful for.

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world doing what I love best – helping people connect with their loved ones, find their true path, live life to the fullest, moving forward in their lives and them helping the people that they love move forward. Over the years I have also trained as a Remedial massage therapist, Reiki Master, crystal healer and hypnotherapist.


A lot of people in my profession skirt around the edges of what people want to know, and play it safe in a reading and make it quite general. I do not.


My channelled readings are very thorough and full of what to do next, how to fix it and what to look out for.

I welcome you to record your reading as it is almost impossible to remember everything that is said.

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